ILSS is currently a prime contractor or subcontractor on several projects, including the following DoD contracts.

Contract Vehicles

Marine Force Reserves (New Orleans)

The mission of the MARFORRES is to augment and reinforce active Marine forces in time of war, national emergency or contingency operations, provide personnel and operational temporary relief for the active forces in peacetime, and provide service to the community. Since 2008, ILSS has provided financial, programmatic and technical services in support of MARFORRES. Some of the specific objectives include:

  • Communications and information management to train and equip all MARFORRES personnel
  • Provide and maintain Force Level Intelligence Units and capabilities.
  • Real estate and resource management support services that include planning, programming, budgeting, program accounting, execution, etc., for property management for over 30 owned sites comprised of land, buildings, and structures.
  • Specialized services in support of Training Exercise and Employment Plan (TEEP).
  • Program management support and IT services.

Marine Forces North (New Orleans)

ILSS offers experienced program and project management professionals with extensive capabilities, and innovative solutions to ensure success in executing projects for our customers. In support of the Marine Forces North mission, ILSS supported the execution of antiterrorism and force protection responsibilities by providing highly trained and qualified subject matter experts. ILSS supported numerous mission objectives including:

  • Crisis Action planning analysis and support during contingency operations Exercises for the USMC Supporting Establishment Commands.
  • Status of current and local threats.
  • Status of resources, training and exercise readiness
  • Creation of an Intelligence Threat Assessment Program

JPEO Enterprise Fielding and Surveillance (JEFS)

The Department of Defense (DOD) manages stocks on individual Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense (CBRN-D) equipment as a commodity.  ILSS provides qualified personnel to perform the Contractor Logistics Support  (CLS) requirements to ensure serviceability and readiness of assigned clothing, equipment, and systems maintained at wholesale, retail and consumer stock levels. The objective is to improve life cycle management and gain efficiencies.

Joint Service Chemical Agent Testing (JCAT) Program

ILSS supports Contract Logistics Support (CLS) for Joint Service Chemical Agent Testing (JCAT) Program conducted at the Joint Test Operations Center (JTOC) in London Ohio.  ILSS supports total logistics operations and facilities management.  This support involves logistics support planning in a streamlined warehouse environment tailored for test item control of protective equipment.

ILSS is a prime or subcontractor on the following IDIQ contract vehicles.

  • Team member on Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise (EAGLE)
  • Prime contract holder for Navy SeaPort-e in all regions
  • Team member on the Operations, Planning, Training and Resource Support Services II (OPTARSS) logistics support and systems management efforts across multiple programs providing logistical support for Army Installations worldwide
  • Team member on the Army's Omnibus Program, Engineering and Technical Support (OPETS) Business and Analytics Domain
  • Team member on Marine Corps Logistics Support Services (MCLOGSS)