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Our Technology Products

Time Card Vault »

  • Unlimited Time Card Storage
  • Unlimited Reports and Queries
  • Easy Import, Complete Data Export
  • Organize by Department, Project, Project Worksheet and Task
  • Financial-grade encryption
  • Cloud-based always available infrastructure
  • Plus many more beloved features and benefits

Energy Audit Tools »

  • Comprehensive Power Factor Correction
  • Power Resilience
  • Energy Storage and Demand Reduction
  • System Sizing
  • Off-grid Autonomy/Capacity
  • Solar PV & Thermal Assessments
  • Energy Monitoring, Operations & Maintenance, National Electric Code Upgrades 
  • Energy Security and Power Resilience Assessments
  • Cyber Security Assessment for IT Energy Systems
  • HVAC Efficiency, DDC and LED lighting Upgrade Recommendations 

Environmental Compliance Tools » 

  • Forms-driven compliance tools
  • Secure Digital Reporting
  • Enviromnemntal Compliance Program Standard Operating System (ECPSOP) Compliant