Database Administration

Our experience includes design and management of data stores that house multi-terabyte databases. Our seasoned technical professionals provide senior level expertise in support of government requirements for migration, integration, and retrieval of mission critical data, in addition to database design and strategies.  ILSS stays abreast of both technology and theories as they continue to evolve at an exponential rate, enabling us to keep our clients informed of technological advances.

ILSS' DBAs have been involved with databases on various networks, including secure networks, and can manage large and small applications. We provide technical support for  the core business processes of Government organizations. Database administration and support occurs for financial functions, installations management, environmental compliance, and base operations.  ILSS is experienced in ASP.Net, JavaScript, Infragistics NetAdvantage Custom Controls, SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Reports, Transact Structured Query Language (TSQL), SQL Server 2008, and Oracle PLSQL.